Choices Of Toilet Ventilation


Choices Of Toilet Ventilation

Choices Of Toilet Ventilation

With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone pays more and more attention to the home environment, and the air quality of the home environment has gradually become the focus of everyone's attention. Modern bathroom is a place with high-comprehensive performance. Generally speaking, when designing bathrooms, people usually install toilet ventilation or leave windows for ventilation. Speaking of toilet ventilation, there is a lot to know. Most modern bathrooms use a three-in-one lamp warming decoration method, which is an LED lighting + lamp (wind) heating + ventilation fans.


Then, having a suitable toilet ventilation will provide support for air circulation and dair freshness in home. We will provide you with ventilation fan selection skills from the bathroom and kitchen areas in the home environment. There are many types of toilet ventilation. According to different categories and the design of the bathroom space structure, they can be divided into the following two cases.



If the bathroom has a window and is connected to the outdoor air, then choosing a window-type ventilator is more worry-free and labor-saving. It not only exhausts the indoor air but also supplements the outdoor fresh air into the room, so you will get to know the great application of the toilet ventilation regardless of its small size.

In the bathroom, if it is a thick wall or a wall-connected space, and there is no window connected to the enclosed space of outdoor air, then a ceiling ventilation fan is needed. (a ceiling is required to facilitate the ceiling ventilation fan to be fixed). The gas is exhausted through the pipeline. The ceiling light ventilation fan of Fozhao Electric is compact, lightweight, easy to install and disassemble, and has a moderate air volume, which is suitable for small spaces such as bathrooms. When the area is large, two ventilation fans can be installed to keep the entire bathroom fresh. It's even better with a few tricks.


First, good habits are important. Flush the water immediately after entering the toilet, and close the toilet lid after flushing to reduce the source of the odor.

Second, proper use of aromatic deodorants is recommended. Appropriate use of some fragrances, perfumes, various small sticky notes and toilet cleansing foams can make the bathroom a little fragrant. Alternatively, you can also buy a box of cooling oil, which only costs 1 yuan. Open it in the corner of the bathroom and the odor can be eliminated.


Third, machine dehumidification also works. If you have money, you can buy a desiccant and a dehumidifier. Although burning the bag can effectively kill the bacteria and odor in the bathroom. Activated carbon is also a good choice.


Fourth, plant deodorization method is great if you are a person who loves flowers and grasses. Planting plants is healthy and beneficial, and the effect is obvious. It is recommended to plant several plants in the bathroom while pulling and admiring the flowers and plants.


But having said that, no matter how many deodorant coups treat only  the symptoms but not the root causes, the toilet ventilation is really important. If the bathroom in your home has no windows and there are fans, the best way is to find a house repairer and install a fan. The bathroom is well ventilated and all the odor of bacteria will be gone.




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