2018 11-12

Do You Know the Working Principle of Air Curtain?

It may also shock you, in addition, to study that air curtains can be discovered in a range of places you visit on an everyday foundation such as excessive avenue stores, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, banks, factories, warehouses, pubs and clubs, restaurants and airports.
2020 11-21

Quality first, strive for excellence, Jinling exhaust fan manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the second competition of "quality cooperation team" in the assembly workshop of the second Pengjiang district staff sports meeting

Quality first, strive for excellence The trade union of Jinling exhaust fan manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the second employee sports meeting in Pengjiang district Assembly workshop "quality excellent cooperation team" competition No.2 In order to strengthen the team construction of the assembly line team, further enhance the team cooperation and cohesion among the staff, and promote the product quality awareness of the employees, the trade union of Jiangmen Jinling exhaust fan manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the second competition of "quality cooperation team" in the assembly workshop on the afternoon of November 4. The employees actively participated in the competition, with 4 teams participating in the competition, reaching 38 people. At the competition site, the staff of each team had a clear division of labor, skillful operation, fast and efficient completion of product production and quality inspection. After fierce competition, the winning teams and groups were: the first place: Assembly Group 3a, with members of Wei Xiaoxian, Tan qunshao, Lin Qingxiu, Wu Huiying, Gan Qiongfen, Deng Shujuan, Zhuo Rongzhen, Li Xiuyuan, Li Weiping and Chen junchu; The second place: Assembly Group 3b, with members of Huang Jianlan, Wang Yueying, Li Meixian, Zhu Xuelian, ye Junlian, Xu Xuemei, Qiu Xiuhong, Li Jiankai, Huang Qingnian, Pang Weiguang; the trade union chairman Lu Ruifang, vice chairman Zhao Xiumei and other relevant leaders cheered for the contestants, and awarded prizes and honorary certificates to the winning employees. Through this competition, not only the professional skills and professional quality of "learning, comparing, catching up and Surpassing" of employees have been improved, but also the upsurge of learning technology, practicing ability and strengthening quality has been set off, which effectively promotes the construction of enterprise team cooperation. Jiangmen Jinling exhaust fan manufacturing Co., Ltd Trade union committee November 6, 2020
2020 10-01

The full moon of the Mid Autumn Festival is a happy family!

National Day, Mid Autumn Festival, double blessing to send, may the national day family day and you celebrate, the festival is good to share with you, moon cake with food, moon appreciation, festival with joy, national day with more send, wish you happy every day!
2020 09-28

The implication of moon cake in Mid Autumn Festival

The moon cake is round, which symbolizes reunion and implies happy reunion. It reflects people's good wishes for family reunion.
2020 08-01

Today's army day, salute the most lovely Chinese soldiers!

From 1927 to 2020, the people's army, born in the flames of war, has gone through 93 years of epic magnificent journey.
2018 11-08

Is Your Extractor Fan Working Correctly?

These rooms tend to expertise high humidness. The ceiling mount exhaust fan themselves facilitate to get rid of wetness, pollutants and odorous particles from the air.



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